Stitched Heart

Stitched Heart

I’ve been so busy making cards today that I almost forgot to share this one with you! I made this yesterday, whilst I was at home ill. (And yes, I am feeling better now, though I have a horrible tickly cough.) My main source of inspiration was the current Muse challenge. The main points I picked up on were the layout, the large heart, the puzzle effect to the heart, and, to an extent, the colour scheme. I was originally intending on sticking to the same colour scheme but then I realised if I added some red I could enter it to Color Throwdown, so I decided to do that. I also wanted to include the stitching themed challenges from both CASology and Simon Says Stamp Monday. Finally I am including Simon Says Stamp Wednesday‘s anything goes challenge.

Muse Challenge #181 by Sarah Platt

I wanted to start with the heart, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I don’t have any large heart stamps. I already knew I wanted to use my Marabu Honeycomb stencil as the way to give the puzzle effect, so I would need a mask of some variety. I was about toย try freehand drawing it on a piece of scrap paper when I noticed that the cheap notepad use for scrap paper (that I got as a freebie when I was studying nursing!) had a heart on it! It has a pattern like a hand, with the fingers being people and the palm a large heart. Pretty much the size I needed for what I wanted to do. That made my life easier. I just pulled a page from the notebook, cut out the heart (gruesome..!), and my mask was ready.

As I knew the stencil would leave relatively large gaps behind the honeycomb pattern I decided first to paint the heart so that it had a base colour. I positioned my mask directly on the card base and used a make up sponge to apply water-colour paint. I used mostly blue but bought in some yellow on one edge, and blended them together. Then I laid down my stencil and sponged over again, this time with green. Once I was done I removed the stencil and the mask.

It felt like the heart was still missing something. The lack of an outline didn’t look right. I don’t have a fine-liner (I know, I know… What kind of card-maker am I?! If you have any recommendations for fine-liners, please let me know!) so I decided I would paint one on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it how I wanted if I tried to just follow the outline, so I tried a different approach. I took the other part of my mask (the heart I’d cut away) and used it to cover up my heart. I then took a dry, fairly stiff paintbrush and used some black paint and a stippling motion to apply a line all around the heart. It almost looks furry I think!

I set my painted card base aside to dry and worked on my components for the bottom of the card. I knew I had some yellow striped vellum that would work perfectly for the panel along the bottom edge. I didn’t have anything that seemed a suitable alternative to that lovely glittery strip. It was this point that I decided I’d include the Color Throwdown challenge so I found the piece of red polka dot paper and trimmed a narrow strip of that.

Now that my painted heart was dry I took my white gel pen and added faux stitching to all the little green segments. I think this is actually the first time I’ve ever done faux stitching! I’ve seen it done though, so I did know more or less what I was doing.

I then wanted to attach my papers to the bottom of the card. Usually with vellum I try to hide the adhesive under some other element that is on top of the vellum. However I recently discovered that if I cover the back of the vellum with a thin layer of glue from a regular glue stick I can attach it securely without any adhesive showing. I was really surprised by this actually – it doesn’t show at all. Maybe I’m missing some reason that you shouldn’t use glue stick on vellum? In any case, it worked well so I did that.

I then added the red strip. I used Tombow Multi Mono Liquid glue for that as it allowed a moment of wiggle time to make sure it was completely aligned.

Next I added my sentiment. I used my MISTI to make sure positioning was exactly as I wanted, and then stamped the words, which are from Altenew’s Super Script, with black pigment ink.

Finally for an extra pop of red I decided to add some heart stickers. We actually bought these for decorating place cards at our wedding, if I remember correctly! I still have 30-odd left almost three years later (our anniversary is a week on Wednesday!)ย Anyway. I used one as if it was the dot on the i (there’s a name for that, but I forget what it is…) and then added two others as extra embellishment. And that was the card done.

Stitched Heart 2

I’m reasonably pleased with how this turned out. I think I did a good job considering the limits of the supplies I had available to me. I find the way the heart turned out really interesting. I can’t decide whether it looks like a brightly coloured heart-shaped football (soccer ball) or an odd world. I think colouring the background of the heart was a good idea. I really like the depth it added to it.


Lady Joyful


22 thoughts on “Stitched Heart

    1. Thank you! I love the extra challenge of seeing what challenges can go together. It gives an extra layer of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the key is to see which ones naturally fall together (like the two stitch themes). Or sometimes I just choose one or two as a starting point, make a card based off those, and then see which of the challenges on my list the resulting card would suit.


  1. You’ve certainly been busy with this one despite feeling ill – can’t believe how many challenges you’ve managed to link up to but I’m thrilled that you were inspired by my Muse card and I love the patchwork heart and the bold ‘friend’ sentiment. Thanks for playing along. Sarah x

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  2. WOW! You made this fabulous card while you were ill? That is impressive! Glad you’re feeling better but am impressed at your skills even while coughing, etc.! I especially like the combination of bright colors, yet you’ve used them in just the right amounts. I also like the unique patterns you combined. This came together beautifully and I’m so glad you shared your talents with us for this week’s Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

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