Photo-A-Day: September 4th

September 4th 2016Today’s picture seems to be some kind of succulent. I love all the layers in it, and the way the green fades out to that purple-red at the tips.

Also I really like the word “succulent”. It almost has a sort of onomatopoeia (get me using big words) to it. Like when you say it, it feels kinda succulent in your mouth. No? Just me?

Actually that makes me wonder (and maybe this will end up being my thought of the day…), am I the only one who feels like words have shapes and feelings? Maybe it’s a kind of synaesthesia (another big word! I’m on a roll!) Actually I know I found that really helpful in my Finnish learning. Concentrating on the shape of the word when I say it helps me with pronunciation.

So yeah. Succulent. It feels very rounded to me. And kinda juicy. Which is what it means, right? Succulent. Now I’ve said it too much and it is starting to lose all meaning. There’s a word for that too, but I can’t remember what it is. I guess I used up my big word quota for the day.


Lady Joyful


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