Photo-A-Day: September 7th

September 7th 2016Whilst we were in England we went to a tank museum. It was my husband’s choice of venue. I did take a few photos of the tanks, but in the end I decided to share just one picture from there with you. And it is this one. A picture of a flower and a bee.
I feel like I am becoming a cliche of myself! I’ll try to avoid any more bee/flower pictures for a while!


Lady Joyful


9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: September 7th

    1. I’ll remember that for next year then 😉 The weather here has already turned autumnal so I doubt I’ll get much chance to take any more like that this year. We could even be back to snowy pictures by the end of next month!

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      1. Yeah it can be as early as late October, though it can also be as late as post-Christmas! Uh, actually I’ve never seen the Northern lights. They’re not actually visible in the South of the country very often. They are sometimes, and of course I’ve always missed them when they have been. And whilst we’ve been living in the North (this past year) we’ve been in the city area so not really able to see them that clearly. Actually I did see them very very vaguely one time shortly after moving there… But I still want to see them properly sometime!

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      2. I can live without snow…
        Would be interested to see the Northern Lights, but we don’t see much of anything in the Midlands..there was supposed to be a massive meteor shower the other night. Never saw a thing. The eclipse a couple of years ago? It got a bit dark…

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      3. I hated snow when I lived in England. Now I kind of like it, but I definitely get fed up with it after a couple of months!
        Ha, sounds like you have about the same luck as me then. I never manage to see these things. Either I don’t find out about it until the following day, or if I do know about it I forget until an hour after it happened… I’m good like that!

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