Photo-A-Day: September 15th

September 15th 2016Do you think that pillar on the left has been replaced? It looks in so much better condition than the one on the right. But maybe the one on the right just gets exposed to the elements more. That can happen. It’s kinda interesting to see how a slightly different position can protect architecture and the like from the worst of the wind, rain and sun.


Lady Joyful


9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: September 15th

      1. Yeah that’s what I’d heard! I was thinking along the lines of the placement of the lichen being related to the position of the sun*, so I think it would be different down there. I could be talking rubbish though šŸ™‚

        *As in, it grows on the side of the tree that gets less sunlight. Because cool and damp.

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    1. I thought that was what it was, but I wasn’t certain I was remembering correctly which is why I didn’t mention it! I did not remember that it had been moved (perhaps I didn’t know?)


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