Photo-A-Day: September 18th

September 18th 2016

I am back at my temporary home now after the lovely visit to husband this weekend. It was almost certainly (barring anything unexpected) my last ever visit home! If I’m counting correctly (and despite the tiredness, I think I am) there are only 12 sleeps left until moving day!

I have already arranged to take moving day off work. In some ways probably not really necessary as husband (and his family who are helping with the move) won’t arrive until late afternoon at the earliest.

When the day comes I will most likely go back and forth from my temporary residence to take all the stuff I have here (I can’t manage two suitcases and a large back on the train and metro by myself!) Actually I will take some of the stuff in the evenings on the Wednesday and Thursday, which should make it slightly easier. I don’t want to take too many trips as the journey is about an hour each way… But it will help me to waste some of the time available to me!

After that I plan to do a bit of shopping to make sure we have food and anything else we need.

And then… if there’s anytime left I guess I’ll have to make cards!


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: September 18th

  1. Not long now! Bet you’ll be pleased to be settled…have you seen those big suitcases that you can just wheel upright alongside you? Not explaining them terribly well, but they are the sort I’ll have to get for my son when he goes.
    Lovely photo too- I do like architectural details 🙂

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