Photo-A-Day: September 24th

September 23rd 2016

I have spent today alternating between tidying, watching card making videos, and making cards. And then having to tidy again because do you have any idea how chaotic my environment becomes when I make cards? There’s ink pads and snippets of paper and baby wipes (for cleaning the stamps) and adhesives and then I can’t find my pencil because I left it under my MISTI and oh my scissors are on the Big Shot for some reason and has anyone seen my bone folder?

I’m not one of those people who can tidy as they go. I’m not going to pause in the cardmaking process to make sure my inks are prettily stacked away. I will just keep going until the card is finished. And then I will wonder when a mini tornado entered the room and how I didn’t notice it…

Oh, today is my daddy’s birthday! Feel free to wish him a Happy Birthday – he reads this blog so he will see it!


Lady Joyful

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