Photo-A-Day: September 27th

September 27th 2016

I took this picture on my phone and immediately sent it to my husband. He asked whether it is a really big butterfly or just really zoomed in. My response? Yes.

Yes, I can be annoying when I’m in a very good mood. (Like I am now!)

Anywho. My response was valid. At least, kinda. Because it is a really big butterfly and is also zoomed in. Although not a lot because phone camera equals digital zoom equals pixel-mania.

I was surprised by how close I managed to get to this pretty thing. Especially given that I had a double buggy with a pair of one year olds in, and I had to push that quite close to Mr (Mrs?) Butterfly to be able to get my picture.

I noticed, when I was all up close and personal I noticed something surprising. Well, it surprised me. If you’ve been in a butterflies personal space before maybe you won’t be surprised.

Did you know that butterflies have fluffy feathery like things close to their bodies? I didn’t. But I do now!

When I got home I had to do some research, because I was fairly certain butterflies don’t have feathers, despite what I’d seen.

The result of my research was that I discovered butterflies technically have scales. Yup. Scales. Scaley scales. That’s what their wings are made of.

Now you know.

That still doesn’t explain the fluffy, feathery things though. But if any of you are lepidopterans then perhaps you’ll be able to enlighten me! And yes, I did just look up that word. Can’t have you thinking I’m clever enough to just know a word like that now, can I?


Lady Joyful


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