Photo-A-Day: September 29th

September 29th 2016

Autumn is well and truly Autumning around here. Leaves are abandoning their trees in order to make the ground slipperier, birds are getting ready to fly off, squirrels are busily building up their stores. And the mushrooms are growing. Everywhere.

And of course the weather is doing its part too. The last couple of days have been rainy and windy and gloomy and grey. This is the time of year that makes my SAD kick in – I don’t like the grey and the gloom.

I love sunny autumn days, with all the colours of the trees and berries, and watching the birds and the squirrels, and so on. But the gloom and the grey makes me depressed. It’s just the way it is.

It’s not quite kicked in yet, and I hope we’ll have a few more sunny days to hold it off. And of course I will start using my anti-SAD light as soon as possible. And as much as the cold of winter annoys me, I will look forward to its arrival because at least the snow means the world isn’t so grey.

On another note, tomorrow is moving day, at long last!


Lady Joyful


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