Photo-A-Day: October 1st

October 1st 2016This is the my view when lying on the bed. We’re in our new flat And it is full to bursting with boxes.

Actually given that the bed is currently without legs the pile isn’t as high as it might first seem from the picture.

There is a lot to sort though. I don’t expect it will all be finished this weekend. In fact I know it won’t because we still need to put shelves up to be able to put things in, and that won’t be happening until next weekend.

Not sure we’ll be able to get it all sorted then either…

I’m hoping we’ll be able to declutter a bit and get rid of things. I don’t think we’ll ever succeed at minimalism but it would be nice to have less stuff!


Lady Joyful

(PS, I did write this post on time, but internet troubles meant I wasn’t able to get it posted… Sorry for that!)


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