Photo-A-Day: October 2nd

October 2nd 2016The cats seem to have settled in pretty well already, which is great considering they’ve only been here since Friday evening.

They don’t seem to mind the boxes too much. The like climbing on them and squeezing between them. Thankfully we’ve only lost them a couple of times..! The boxes are stacked together such that, luckily, there aren’t too many odd little gaps which means there are very few places we can lose them.

Lola in particular has also been enjoying climbing on the furniture that would not normally be accessible. In the picture she is on top of one of our shelving units. She decided to get on top of them right as we were about to move them from the balcony to the bedroom. Took a little while to persuade her to get off… Perhaps she was trying to supervise?!


Lady Joyful


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