Photo-A-Day: October 3rd

October 3rd 2016Sometimes I really hate my lungs. When I had my cold back at the beginning of August I knew it would end up with a chest infection, as is always the case with me. But now, nearly two whole months late, I’m getting seriously fed up of the coughing and shortness of breath…

As I said, colds always end up going onto my lungs and sticking around for far longer than I would appreciate. Whilst two months is a long time (and the way it is going I imagine I have at least another month of it…) I have had some before stick around for six months… Hopefully that’s not the case this time!

None of the investigations into what’s up with my lungs have ever found anything. Just before I moved to Finland I had a bronchoscopy as part of the ongoing (for my whole life…) investigations into what could be the problem. It didn’t find anything. Speaking with a consultant later on the conclusion seemed to pretty much be that we’ll never know what the issue is. He said that we could try giving me a lung transplant (not actually a recommendation, but just a “this is a thing”) but as we don’t know what the problem is there’s no guarantee that would even work.

It frustrates me. Especially times like now when I have the stupid cough irritating the heck out of me. At some point I’ll no doubt have another go at trying to get the mystery solved. For now I’ll just try to not cough my lungs out!


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: October 3rd

  1. Sorry to hear that…can I suggest bombarding it with herbal stuff? Something different might shock it out of your system…like dried sage and thyme gargle? Drink a little glass of ginger juice a day?
    Great photo- I love it when cats do the upside-downy head thing 🙂

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