Photo-A-Day: October 8th

October 8th 2016

Husband often says that Sampson is a bully. Admittedly he doesn’t say it without reason. Sampson is rather found of chasing Elvis at times. But Elvis gives as good as he gets! Not that husband will admit that though.

That’s why the scene in this picture was such a nice surprise to us. They may not be cuddled up together but the willingness to be side by side is very reassuring. When Sampson lived in England he was very close to my other cats there, and would often cuddle up with them. Ever since he moved here I have hoped he will develop as close a relationship with Elvis.

I would of course like him to develop a closer relationship with Lola too. I’m not certain that will happen though. Lola tolerates the boys well enough, but the only cat she’s ever really been willing to cuddle up with was her sister. She won’t cuddle with Elvis, and they’ve been living together for four years!


Lady Joyful


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