Photo-A-Day: October 9th

October 9th 2016There’s some pretty rocky terrain around here. I always find it strange to see the plants growing on rocks. Trees especially. They look so precariously balanced, like they could slide off at any moment.

There’s one in particular that I walk past with the boys when we go to one of the nearby parks. The tree kind of curves out from between two rocks before twisting to grow upwards. Maybe I’ll see about getting a picture of it sometime.


Lady Joyful


6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: October 9th

  1. I am always fascinated by things that grow out of rocks. I like your idea for having all you create in your blog. I started with photography. Not sure if I will some day expand to my other hobbies.

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    1. Thanks Laura 🙂 I would say go for it! I try to stick with the philosophy that my blog is for me, and I can do with it as I like. If other people enjoy it too then that’s a bonus! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


    1. Could be… I thought it was some kind of mushroom. Not sure to be honest! Actually I think it was on the north side 😛 Although I read a thing yesterday (or maybe the day before) that said that whole north side thing is a complete myth! 🙂

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