Magical Dream

Magical DreamAnother card made despite the lack of space for doing so… We should be getting my craft space set up at the weekend, at which point I can hopefully get properly back to card making! I also had to take these pictures on my phone as we still haven’t found the adapter for charging the camera…

Anyway. I was inspired by three challenges – Less Is More‘s one layer card with a dream theme, Addicted To CAS‘s watercolour code word, and City Crafter‘s challenge to use a mythical creature (I used two!)

I started byย working out the positions of my elements. Originally I was planning to just have the unicorn (from Avery Elle’s Be A Unicorn) and the sentiment (from Panduro’s Hobby Balloon). After some fiddling I decided to include the fairy, wand and shooting star from Avery Elle’s Pixie Dust. Once I was happy with the positioning, for which I was using my MISTI, I stamped everything with MFT Black Licorice Hybrid Ink.

I then got started on my colouring. I used watercolour pencils, which seem to be my go-to medium at the moment! I started with the fairy’s skin, and initially tested my colour combination on a scratch version that I’d stamped when working out positions. Good thing I did, because the colours I was initially thinking of using ended up far too pink! I considered my light source to be coming from the top left, though I think I could have used more contrast to make that show more clearly.

Next I moved on to her hair. I filled the hair with a flat layer of my lightest colour, then went in with flicks of the other shades of brown I wanted to use, to add texture and shade to the hair.

I decided to go pale blue for the fairy’s wings. I figured the shading there didn’t matter so much as I was imagining them being fairly translucent. I put the darkest shade of blue on the outer edges of the wings, and faded towards the palest shade. I liked the colour combination so much that I decided to use it for the body of my unicorn – I wanted the unicorn to be just off white, so the pale blues worked nicely. I used blue for the unicorn’s hooves too, though went with slightly darker shades.

Magical Dream 2

I then moved on to the unicorn’s mane and tail. Initially I was thinking of using green, but after trying it out on my test version I didn’t like how it looked, so I decided to go for pinky purple colours instead. I tried to add texture in the same way as I had for the fairy’s hair.

I used the same shades of pink and purple on the fairy’s dress and shoes, as I didn’t want to add too many colours to the card. I also went back and added a little pink to the unicorns nose and the inner part of its ear.

Finally I added yellow to the star on the wand and the shooting star, and then tied that in with the unicorn by making the unicorn’s horn yellow.

With all the colouring done I just needed to activate the watercolour with a wet brush, so I carefully went in and did that. Doing so did loose some of the texture I’d added to the hair, mane and tail, but not too much.

As a last touch I decided to add some grounding to the image. I put a layer of grey along under the unicorn, with some darker grey being a cast shadow from the unicorn itself and another from the fairy. I’m not sure I like how the shadow turned out… It almost looked better without it. But I don’t dislike it as much nowย as I did when I did it!

Magical Dream 3

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. It’s nothing amazing, but it works well enough. It scratched the card making itch, at least, though I’m sure I’ll make more before the craft zoneย is ready!


Lady Joyful


20 thoughts on “Magical Dream

  1. This is so sweet! What a gorgeous layout… I love the different elements and they relate perfectly to dreams for our theme. Thanks so much for playing along with us at Less is More ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is such a pretty and cute card, beautiful colouring and loving the added shimmer. Great take on our ‘dream’ challenge and thanks for playing at Less is More this week. Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a super sweet card. Love the touches of shimmer – so perfect for the fairy and unicorn. Your card made me smile and I know it will do the same for the recipient. So glad you joined us at ATCAS this week


  4. A great layout and sweet images. I love the sugary colours too. Good to hear you’ll have your craft space back soon. I actually take all my card pics on my mobile camera, I only had an inexpensive ‘point and shoot’ camera and found my phone camera was tonnes better. I also don’t have a craft space, I use my lounge table as that’s all I have in a one bedroom flat….so I know where you’re coming from!
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Anita x
    Less is More

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