Photo-A-Day: October 15th

October 15th 2016

Today has been a very busy day. Busy and exhausting.  Lots got done, and lots is still left to do!

Lola has the right idea. Curling up and sleeping seems like the thing to do now.


Lady Joyful

5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: October 15th

    1. It does look like a heart when she’s curled up like that! It’s actually two separate splodges she has. Her sister had a lovely diamond shaped black mark on the back of her neck 🙂 And Sampson’s white mark on his throat sometimes appears to be star shaped!

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      1. They’re all so individual! Charlie has an angel on her shoulder and an owl on the back of her neck. All of my girls have the tabby “M” on their foreheads..there’s a story about how it shows they were blessed by Mohammed 🙂

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