Photo-A-Day: October 16th


October 16th 2016

When we went to do our food shopping this afternoon, this is the sight that greeted is. Actually there were two fire engines and an ambulance. The incident, whatever it was, seemed to be in the next property along from the shop we were trying to go to. But because said property shared a wall with the shop we wanted we were unable to get in.

The shop’s evacuation seemed to be simply a precaution. It seemed like everything had been got under control fairly quickly, but the shop staff had no idea how long it would be until they’d be allowed back in to the building.

As I said, it all seemed to get cleared up fairly quickly. The second fire engine left only a few minutes after it had arrived, and the ambulance crew left not long after that. From what little we saw it seems there was perhaps a small electrical fire. Nobody hurt though. But that was our excitement for the day!


Lady Joyful

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