Photo-A-Day: October 25th

October 25th 2016

I put my point-and-click camera in my backpack this morning so that I could have it to hand if any picture opportunities presented themselves whilst I was out walking at work. Of course when we go out I don’t have my backpack with me, and I forgot to move the camera to my pocket, so that was a waste of time…


Particularly frustrating when I saw this berry laden tree covered with birds. If I’d had the camera with me (or better still, my SLR) I would have been able to take pictures easily. But I only had my phone, and in order to get pictures I had to move very close to the tree, scaring most of the birds away.

Luckily this one stayed and I managed to get a passable picture of it. I resisted the temptation to try zooming with my phone. I very much dislike digital zooms, and with good reason. The zoom feature on my phone makes it look like I took the photograph using a potato. Not attractive.


Lady Joyful


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