Photo-A-Day: October 26th

October 26th 2016

It can be a real pain to focus with a phone camera. It just likes to do its own thing. No matter how much I told the screen to look at the leaft it kept putting the background in focus instead. Ugh.

Eventually I did get it to realise I wanted the leaf to be the star of the show. But then the wind decided to intervene and make it difficult to get a steady picture. Good job wind. Thanks so much.


Lady Joyful

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: October 26th

    1. I get that too sometimes! I have a tripod for my SLR to make sure that doesn’t happen when I photograph my cards (though it’s not set up at the moment…) And if I’m out taking photos and husband is with me I get him to help keep me steady 😛

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