Photo-A-Day: October 27th

October 27th 2016

Sometimes my phone actually manages to take pretty good pictures. This one, for example. Good job phone. Well done.

I did have to get practically on top of the flower, and if the weather hadn’t been so bright at the time of taking the picture then it certainly wouldn’t have turned out as well… But the stars aligned, the picture came out, and that’s that.


Lady Joyful


6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: October 27th

    1. Thanks 😀
      Time out is a good idea! I usually end up restarting my phone if it is really misbehaving… The time out idea reminds me of a teacher at my secondary school – if the white board pen wasn’t writing properly he would jokingly threaten to throw it out of the window, and it would inevitably start writing again. On one occasion the pen really was dead, and yes, he did throw it out the window!

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