Photo-A-Day: November 4th

November 4th 2016

The problem with living in a new-build is that Google maps doesn’t know where we are. When I first came to try and find our flat after collecting the keys I got quite lost. The map on my phone was telling me that the address was right by the church, which my eyes were telling me was not the case!

Our flat is actually a good few minutes walk away from the church. If we go into the literal centre area, to go shopping or to the metro, we walk past the church. I don’t think I’ve ever been around the front side of it though, so I’ve never actually seen what the statue thing in the picture properly looks like. From the back angle it’s quite difficult to make out what it is.

Husband reckons it is letting everyone know that it is a Cthulu church. I’m not convinced.


Lady Joyful


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