Photo-A-Day: November 5th

November 5th 2016

We’ve been watching the birds getting ready to fly off for winter. Given that we live on the top floor of our seven floor building we have a pretty decent view of the birds flying past. Since the snow arrived a few days ago there have been several occasions that large flocks of birds swoop past.

I think the most interesting part is seeing them taking off. Groups will gather in the trees over on the opposite side of the metro line and we’ll see them weaving in and out of the branches. Some sitting in the trees, some flying around. And it’s clear that there are quite a lot of them. Even so, when the group eventually decides to take off the sheer number is quite amazing. No matter how “obvious” it was that they were a big group whilst gathering, it is incredible to truly see the size of the group as it takes off in a cloud of wings and feathers.


Lady Joyful

3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: November 5th

    1. Me too! You know, I never liked snow in England… Since moving to Finland I’ve realised it’s because it isn’t “real” snow. English snow is just slush and ice, and far more trouble than it is worth…

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      1. Ha ha! Yes and the whole county grinds to a halt because we have half an inch, then run out of road grit so we have to borrow some from the next county and we’re reduced to sprinking table salt on the path…yep. Love winter, me!

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