Photo-A-Day: November 8th

November 8th 2016

We’ve been having fairly constant snowfall the last couple of days. Not particularly heavy at any time, just persistent. The result is, obviously, snow everywhere.

This is the view as I was walking the boys to the park this morning. Have you ever tried pushing a double buggy through unshovelled snow? It’s not easy… Took me more than twice as long as the journey normally would. But we got there eventually.

The park itself was worse. At least the snow on the paths had been trodden down a bit. The park was just virgin snow. Not only was that even more difficult to push the buggy through but, once I let them out, the boys were highly suspicious of it. Not surprising given it was up to their armpits…

Okay, I’m exaggerating. It did cover their feet though, and they weren’t convinced it was safe to walk in. Thing 2 in particular was adamant he had to be carried. I eventually managed to persuade him to walk with me holding his hand, then gradually let go until he was walking on his own. Which he managed perfectly fine, until he realised I wasn’t holding his hand, in which case he remembered that he can’t walk in snow and please carry me please you horribly mean adult…

I’m sure they’ll get used to the snow before long!


Lady Joyful

9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: November 8th

  1. It’s good exercise to be with your children in snow. It snowed alot in Sweden last week , especially in Stockholm. My granchild was happy but not those who got stock in the trafic. Next week the weathercast predicts mild weather and most of the snow will probably melt.

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    1. You’re right, it is good exercise 🙂 I don’t actually have my own children yet – I work as a nanny so “my” children are the boys I look after. We’ve had a lot of snow here in Finland too! Although apparently it’s meant to be warmer next week so it’ll likely all turn to slush…

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