Photo-A-Day: November 18th

November 18th 2016We got this little house thing as a freebie with an order of cat stuff we placed recently. It’s a little cardboard house with a scratching surface for the floor. It also came with a bag of ‘nip, for if we feel like having high cats at any time.

Once we’d put it together and noticed how small it was we figured only Lola would get in it. And she did get into it. She sat in it for a few minutes, getting happy from the catnip fumes. Until Sampson came along, decided he wanted the herby goodness, and smacked her until she left.

And then… he squeezed himself inside.

Of course, he did this whilst I was cooking dinner which meant I couldn’t take pictures. And by the time I’d got the camera? Yeah, he wasn’t interested in going back in.

Damnit cat, don’t you know I need to take photos to show the internet?!


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: November 18th

    1. Ah bless her! I think some cats find the small spaces to be comforting. I’ll definitely try and get a picture if he squeezes in there again! Although he seemed to loose interest once he was convinced he’d licked all of the catnip out of there… 😛

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    1. Ha, they can be so inconvenient not staying still for pictures… 😛 It was from Zooplus. They had some kind of special offer on them that it was free if you spent over 40€. Or something like that.


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