Photo-A-Day: November 25th

November 25th 2016

It’s been pretty rainy for about the last week. The weather warmed up again, the snow melted, and it rained. Even on non-rainy days the air has had a distinct wetness to it.

It looks like the weather is going to be taking a colder turn again at the beginning of next week. But who really knows when it comes to weather.


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: November 25th

    1. Thanks! I’m not completely sure, but I know there are several rowan trees around there because the boys kept trying to eat the berries from them in the autumn! Not sure if this is one of them or not… I’m not good at recognising trees and plants 🙂

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      1. Further north. Previous city was more north but still had a few hours of daylight in winter / dark in summer. I like the lots of daylight in summer but yeah, the lack of it in winter can make me pretty depressed so it’s good we moved back south to have at least a smidge more!

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