Photo-A-Day: December 3rd

December 3rd 2016

When I unpacked a box earlier today I came across this cute couple. They were given to us back when we got married. Aren’t they sweet?

In our old-old flat (the one we were living it at the time of the wedding) they ended up living above the kitchen sink for some reason. They fit perfectly inside the handles of the doors there. I think initially we’d just put them there out of silliness, but then they ended up staying there.

In our old-flat (the one we just moved from a few months ago) they were on top of a cupboard, flanking the big heart that we had made as a decoration for the wedding. I think we also had some other decorative things up on the same shelf.

I’m not yet sure where they’ll be put here in this new flat. Although to be honest I have that problem with a good three-quarters of our stuff. That’s probably why so much is still in boxes – I’m just not sure what to do with it!


Lady Joyful

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