Photo-A-Day: December 25th

December 25th 2016Sampson apparently found Christmas exhausting! It’s not like he did much, other than walk over our puzzle and try to clean the turkey pan.

I’ve been AWOL for a few days. I must apologise. I really wanted to finish the year with a perfect streak of posting every day. But then I got ill, and as I barely left the bed I didn’t manage to do blog posts. I’m feeling a bit better though I still have both bronchitis and sinusitis. Hopefully the medicine I have will finish clearing them up before the new year. I could definitely do without the awful cough…

Anywho. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: December 25th

    1. Getting there slowly! My sinuses seem to have finally cleared up, thankfully. Cough is driving me to distraction though! Yes, he is very cute! But I don’t think he was very impressed with me putting the hat on him… 😛

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      1. I think some of the big supermarkets would be considered similar at least. Thanks for the information – I’ve mentioned it to husband and he will have a look for me. I’m going to try going back to work tomorrow – hopefully I am well enough this time!

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