Photo-A-Day: December 29th

December 29th 2016I was very lucky this Christmas and got quite a lot of Christmas presents, including a fair few crafty things, some of which I’ve already put to good use! One of my favourite presents was a colouring planner. Each two page spread has a colouring page on the left hand side and a week to view planner on the right hand side.

My plan is to work on the colouring pages for each week during my break. My breaks are sometimes quite long – they last as long as the boys sleep which is usually anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours.

Today I did my first colouring page from the planner. Even though it is a 2017 planner it has a few weeks of 2016 in it, and I decided I would “catch-up” on the earlier weeks. Luckily this first one wasn’t too complex and I managed to get it all finished in the one session. I didn’t do anything fancy with the colouring. And honestly, it’s not very neat in places. But I had fun with it, and that’s the main thing!


Lady Joyful

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