Geometric Christmas Tree

I don’t often freehand elements on my cards because I’m rarely happy with how they turn out. But I decided to have a go at it today and freehanded this Christmas tree. It ended up being rather different from what I’d had in mind, but then I suppose that often happens with my cards!

I started with a piece of watercolour paper onto which I very lightly drew the outline of my tree. I was originally going to go with a more natural tree shape but couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted, so changed plans and went for this pyramid shape instead. Once I had the outline drawn I rubbed out the lines to make them even fainter.

With the basic shape drawn out I got started on the painting. I started with a light wash of green across either side of the pyramid. I added more yellow to the left hand side, and a darker green to the right to try and differentiate between them. I aimed to keep the colour fairly light on both sides though as I new I was going to be painting over them. I used my heat gun to speed up drying the green layer, then started adding in my detail.

First I mixed up a turquoise blue colours to paint the details for the left hand side of the tree. I ended up adding more and more blue to the colour as the green undercoat was making it too green. I painted in a random pattern of stripes and dots across starting at the bottom and working up to the top.

Next I mixed up a reddish-purple colour and added detail to the other side. I changed the angle that my lines were going, and tried to make sure I didn’t copy the pattern at any point. This time I started at the top and worked down, but I think I should have again worked from the bottom up.

The last part I needed to add to the tree was the trunk. I mixed a tiny bit of the purple with some brown paint and added the trunk. It was a bit too loose and looked disconnected, so I went back in a couple of times adding more brown to increase the shading.

I had created the tree on a piece of watercolour paper big enough to use as a card front but decided at this point that I’d rather cut the tree out and adhere it to a card front. As the edges of the tree were very straight I used my paper trimmer to cut them, then fussy cut around the rest of the tree. I considered adding it centrally on a portrait card but after some fiddling around with layout settled on the idea of offsetting it onto a landscape card.

I chose a plain white card base and added some score lines around the edge for some extra interest. After working out where I wanted to place the tree I stamped on my sentiment, which comes from Lawn Fawn’s Merry Messages, using MFT Black Licorice Hybrid ink. I then added more score lines to create a box around the sentiment. Finally I used foam tape to adhere the tree to the card base, giving it some dimension.


I’m relatively pleased with this card. I still am not keen on freehanding things because all I can see is the mistakes in it… I realised part way through the painting that if I had masked off each segment of the tree I would have been able to get cleaner edges on them, but that would not have corrected the wobbliness and unevenness of the lines. I guess that’s just what comes of freehanding! I’m happy with the layout and colours though, and am glad it didn’t end up as disastrous as I expected!


Lady Joyful

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25 thoughts on “Geometric Christmas Tree

  1. I’m no good at freehand usually but your cards are beautiful and creative. The closest I probably got was drew my one dog in charcoal and it actually turned out well. My dog is sadly not with me anymore. I’ve got to ask, why are you thinking about Christmas when it’s only 5-21-2017?πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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    1. Thank you, and sorry for the loss of your dog.

      Most of the cards I make end up being for personal use, and I no longer buy cards for any occasion. Last year I sent out about 30 cards if I recall correctly, so it makes sense to start working on making Christmas cards ahead of time to ensure I’ll have enough of them. I’ve been making them from time to time throughout the year πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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