Legendary Birthday

Yes you’re seeing correctly – this is my third card that I’m sharing with you today. And actually (spoilers!) there is a fourth card too which I will be sharing a little later. If you missed them, the first two cards can be found here and here. Part of the reason for making so many cards today is that MFT’s Camp Create is going on at the moment, and I’m trying to get caught up with it!

For this card I started by cutting down a panel of white card stock. I used the same card as I was using for my card base but made it about half a centimetre smaller on each side. I then stamped the yeti from Lawn Fawn’s Lovable Legends into the lower right corner of the card. I cut out another version of the yeti stamped on some scrap paper and used my Tombow Multi Mono Liquid Glue to turn the paper into a mask.

Once the mask was in place I started on my ink blending. Actually, full disclosure – I first started blending before I’d even stamped the yeti, then ย remembered that I was meant to be doing some masking. Luckily the paper has a second side! For the ink blending I used my new-to-me Altenew inks in three shades of pink – Rose Quartz, Puffy Heart and Purple Wine. I got the from the Northern Lights cube set.

I used a cheap make-up sponge for my ink blending (I need to get more blending sponges for my ink blending tool!). Starting with the lightest colour – Rose Quartz – I blended the ink from the yeti’s corner towards the opposite one. I let the ink fade as I got further away. I move on to Puffy Heart, again starting in the yeti’s corner ย but not going quite as far across this time. And the Purple Wine I kept even closer to the corner. I went back over a final time with the Rose Quartz until I was happy with the blend.

Removing the mask from the yeti I started colouring it with the Es from myย Yosoo alcohol markers. I usually colour as if the light is coming from the top right, unless there is an obvious light source that requires me to do differently. With this card I decided to shade as if the light is from the top left as I felt that would make more sense with the way the ink blending is. I did find it a little confusing putting the shadows on the ‘wrong’ side though!

After colouring the yeti I moved on to stamping my sentiment. I first spelt out “legendary” using Lawn Fawn’s Claire’s ABCs, carefully lining them up with the help of my MISTI. After stamping that I removed the letters and positioned “have an” and “birthday” from the Lovable Legends stamp set. I masked off the ‘n’ before stamping them down.

With the front panel ready I covered the back of it with foam tape and adhered it to the card base. I then found some sequins and fiddled around with how I wanted to position them on the card. It actually took me quite a while to decide! In the end I kept it fairly simple and created a visual triangly around the yeti.

I do like how this card turned out. Those Altenew inks are really lovely colours and the brown yeti pops nicely against them. The sequins work really well with the colours too, which was a bit of a happy accident! I don’t have a very large selection of sequins so I often struggle to find ones that coordinate when I want to add them to projects. I don’t use them very often though, which is why I don’t have more.


Lady Joyful

Challenges included:

AAA Cards – Masking

CAS On Friday – Birthday

Lawn Fawnatics – Custom Sentiment

Muse – Inspiration Card (The elements I picked up on were – birthday theme, layout, ink blended background, cute character, sequins)

Tracey McNeely’s Muse inspiration card

MFT Camp Create Day 2 – Magnificent Masking

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