30 Day Coloring Challenge – Day 1

How about something a little different today? I didn’t get around to making a card, but I did do some colouring!

Today is the first day of the latest Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge, and I’ve decided to take part this time. (I kinda-sorta took part in a previous one, but this time I’m doing it ‘properly’.) Also today is a celebration for Kit & Clowder having reached 15k members on Facebook.  As part of the celebrations Alyce is offering a free colouring class and digi stamp (see here for more information) and I decided to play along with it.

Now, if you’re a regular here at my blog you’re probably aware that I recently got my first set of alcohol markers. They’re not a big brand, and I only have a set of 36 sets, with some fairly big holes in the colour selection. I couldn’t do the colours that Alyce used, but I made do. Here’s what I ended up with:

I’m actually relatively happy with her given that this was my very first attempt! And I definitely learned from the experience.

When I printed out the digi stamp (after finally getting my printer to cooperate) I actually printed four copies so that I can practice a few times and then choose my favourite to add to the Group Colouring Event to try and win the prize that is available.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting things to go well. I only really have one skin tone combination available to me with the pens I have. It came out better than I’d expected on the image, though I didn’t bring in my darkest colour and may try that next time to increase the contrast.

I don’t have any light reds so I was really worried about adding the blush. I think I’ll skip it next time because the red was too bright and just didn’t blend well. (Although it looks better in the photo than it does in real life!)

As I don’t have light reds I couldn’t do the pink  combo for the dress. Instead I chose to go with blue-green as I do have a good selection of those. I think the dress is the part I’m happiest with.

The flicking for the hair was a bit of a learning curve, and I was concerned about how it would look against her skin because I was using the same colours. (Did I mention I have very limited colours?!) I went back over it a couple of times as it looked too streaky the first time, but I’m fairly pleased with it now.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the final result. It was a good experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to having another go tomorrow!


Lady Joyful


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