Custom Floral Gift Box (With Video)

It’s rare for me to make something that isn’t a card, but for today’s post I decided to do exactly that. I created a custom made box to go with a little gift set. The box is made without any template, and shaped to perfectly fit the gift set that I made it for. I also coordinated the pattern that I added to the box with the gift itself.

I began by making the components of the box. I measured the gift set against a piece of card stock and discovered it was the same width. Adding a half centimetre for wiggle room in the base portion left me with flaps on either end of 7,35cm. These flaps would be the portions that come up on the long edge. I also needed to add flaps to the short edge, so I cut a piece of card to be the same width as my base portion then trimmed them down to 8,35cm – this allowed them to be the same height as the length-wise flaps, with an extra centimetre that could be folded and adhered to the base of the box to attach it together. If this is confusing, be sure to check the video to see what I mean! I should actually have made these additional flaps wider so that they could have folded edges to adhered to the long flaps to secure the corners, but as I forgot to do that I simply made some extra pieces to add in later to serve the same purpose.

The lid portion of the box was made by measuring the top edge of my gift set, adding 0,7cm for ‘wiggle room’ (more than the 0,5cm I did for the base of the box, as the lid will have to slid over the lower box portion. I also added a further 5cm to the length and width, which would give me a 2,5cm ‘lip’ to the final lid.

With all my pieces cut to size ready I got stamping. I used Birch Press Design’s Delicate Peony stamp set. For the large, solid portion of the flowers I used Altenew Frosty Pink, then added the detail with Coral Berry. I then stamped two different sizes of leaves with Frayed Leaf as the solid layer and Forest Glades for the detail layer. I then filled in some extra detail with two small stamps from the set – a cluster of three dots which I stamped in Frosty Pink, and a larger dot for which I used Frayed Leaf. All the inks I used came from the Floral Mini Cube set.

Having finished my stamping I carefully scored all my pieces along the lines I had designated when measuring out. The lid also required a couple of lines to be cut so that it would fold properly. I applied strong double sided tape to all the scored flaps and adhered them together to create the box.

Once the box was fully assembled I looked through my ribbon stash, which doesn’t see a lot of use! I found a wide pink ribbon that coordinated beautifully, so I wrapped that around the box and tied a bow on top, which finished my gift box.

I’m really pleased with how this gift box turned out. I learned a lot from the process, and I do feel I could do a better job of the technicalities in future. The finished box is very pretty, and I do like how the stamping looks as well as the coordinating ribbon. I think it could be fun to stamp the pattern in such a way that it is continuous once the box is together, but that would take a bit more planning!


Lady Joyful

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