Butterfly Love

I had another go at smooshing today, and it was a lot more fun this time as I wasn’t trying to control it at all. I just let it do its thing! I used the resulting paper in two different ways – as a simple as-is panel, and to make some pretty butterflies. Advertisements

Soft Smile

Here is a second card I made today. I’m surprised I actually managed to make two considering I had an extra long day at work… I guess I’ll just end up going to bed late then!

Loving Tree

When I sat down to make this card I had something completely different in mind. I quickly realised that the plan wasn’t going to work – the stamp I wanted to use was too big to do what I wanted. Which meant I had to change the plan. This is what I ended up doing. … More Loving Tree

Forever Love

For today’s post I have created a floral CAS card with an inlaid die cut sentiment. This would make a good Valentine’s card, or even a just-because card to a loved one. Also, after naming this card I ended up having to listen to this song..!

Musical Butterflies

I seem to be really enjoying the more neutral cards lately. I don’t mind pops of colour, but I’ve been much happier with the cards that are more laid back colourwise than the really bright ones. And this card is no exception to that.

A Catty Valentine’s

This card was quite a time-consuming process. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but now that it’s done I would really like to get to bed (it’s late in my time zone!) so I’ll be getting through this post as quickly as possible…

Sending Big Hugs

I really enjoyed making this card. I’d had the rough idea for it at the beginning of the week, and yesterday it finally solidified into a definite plan which I went ahead and made!