Autumn Bear

Today I have another Autumnal card to share with you. Yesterday’s card was very clean and simple. This one definitely has a lot more going on! I actually worked on this over the course of a few days – it took me that long to psyche myself up another to draw in my own background!

Autumn Beauty

I’ve had the rough idea for this card in my head for a few days. I finished work a bit early today so I was finally able to find some time to sit down and work on it. This is one of those cards that the idea really solidified as I worked on it. I … More Autumn Beauty

Happy Coffee Day

In case you couldn’t guess it, the main theme for this card was coffee. Both CASology and Addicted to CAS asked for the coffee theme, whilst The Cats Pajamas asked for beverages and Pile It On asked for food or drink, all of which seemed to go together nicely! I also decided to include Double … More Happy Coffee Day