Hello Gnome

I enjoy mixing and matching stamp sets. I like playing with different things and seeing how they go together. For this card I used stamps from three different set. Unusually for me though they are all from the same stamp company! I really enjoyed making this card, though it was very time consuming. There was … More Hello Gnome

Photo-A-Day: September 2nd

The garden at my dad’s and his partner’s has lots of things growing in it. You’ve seen a fair few of their flowers recently. Some of the things they grow can even be eaten! By humans! Like us! (What? No, of course I’m not in a weird mood…)

Photo-A-Day: September 1st

Did you know it’s September already? I swear the year only started a month or so ago… But now it’s nearly October, which means my birthday, which means we’re heading towards Christmas, which means the year will end. Like… what on earth?