Wobbles The Pig

Knowing that I would be finishing late from work today I started this card before leaving in the morning. I figured that way I might actually manage to get to bed on time. That was a bit optimistic of me! Once I started working on it after getting home I kept thinking of things I … More Wobbles The Pig

Birthday Smooches

I decided to make another card with the layout I used yesterday as I had so much fun with it. This time a birthday card rather than an Easter one. I kept the colour palette fairly simple – mostly white with a pop each of red and green for contrast. The colour palette is gender … More Birthday Smooches

Dino Party

Dinosaurs like to party too, don’t you know! I had so much fun making this card. It’s certainly not as detailed a scene card as some of the wonderful ones I’ve seen around, but I think the simpler scene actually quite suits it.