Hello Autumn

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I’ve been doing a lot of colouring recently. I haven’t made all of the images into cards yet, but I had an idea for this one and just had to go ahead and make it! Advertisements

Hello Pineapple

It’s funny how things work themselves out. When the new CASology challenge went up earlier this week I figured I’d have to skip it because I couldn’t think of any stamps in my set that would work for a “prickly” theme. When I got home from work that evening I found a package waiting – … More Hello Pineapple

Legendary Birthday

Yes you’re seeing correctly – this is my third card that I’m sharing with you today. And actually (spoilers!) there is a fourth card too which I will be sharing a little later. If you missed them, the first two cards can be found here and here. Part of the reason for making so many … More Legendary Birthday

Wild Day

Today I decided to push my comfort zone a bit and create my own background for this safari scene. I didn’t have any stamps for the trees etc. so I drew them in freehand. It was a bit scary, and took me quite a while! I think it’s something I’d like to play with doing … More Wild Day

Kitty Garden

Living on the seventh floor of a block of flats means that we can’t have a garden. We have a balcony, which we – and the cats! – like, but no garden. If we did have a garden though I can imagine it would be full of cats! Though I’m not sure how our current … More Kitty Garden

Birthday Starfish

Yesterday I made a red, white and blue Christmas card. After I made it I was discussing with my husband about how I sometimes struggle with that colour scheme. I’m not sure why – I just tend to have a bit of a block with it. Which makes my choice of colour scheme for today’s … More Birthday Starfish