Loving Tree

When I sat down to make this card I had something completely different in mind. I quickly realised that the plan wasn’t going to work – the stamp I wanted to use was too big to do what I wanted. Which meant I had to change the plan. This is what I ended up doing. … More Loving Tree

Sheep Hero

This sweet CAS card was pretty quick to put together. It has quite a young look to it, and would work well perhaps as a card from a child to their parent or teacher, for Valentine’s or just because. Changing up the message on the heart could open it up to other uses too.

Forever Love

For today’s post I have created a floral CAS card with an inlaid die cut sentiment. This would make a good Valentine’s card, or even a just-because card to a loved one. Also, after naming this card I ended up having to listen to this song..!

Hello Heart

Today’s card is a quick and simple CAS card with a love theme. It would work well as a Valentine’s, or even as a just-because card to a loved one.

A Catty Valentine’s

This card was quite a time-consuming process. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but now that it’s done I would really like to get to bed (it’s late in my time zone!) so I’ll be getting through this post as quickly as possible…