Photo-A-Day: July 19th

Assuming I calculated correctly, we will be on the plane from Helsinki to London as you read this. Hopefully it’s a smooth flight! I can be a bit of a nervous flier sometimes… The weather forecast is not bad though. Apparently it’s meant to be extremely hot in London… Fingers crossed it will have cooled … More Photo-A-Day: July 19th

Photo-A-Day: July 18th

Suitcases are packed, aside from the things we need between now and leaving – chargers, toothbrushes, etc. Perishable food has been consumed or will be by the end of breakfast tomorrow. Cards for the next few days have been prepared. Blog posts are about to be scheduled (doing this one first!) We’re almost

Photo-A-Day: June 28th

If you’re wondering why this post is appearing at a sensible time of day for a change… I pre-scheduled it because (as I mentioned yesterday) I am away today! I will be in Helsinki all day sorting various things with regards to my new job (and related cross-country move!) ready for August. The schedule worked … More Photo-A-Day: June 28th