Retail Therapy

This card was definitely more enjoyable to make than the one I posted previously. And unlike that one I am actually pleased with this card! This stamp set is a new one to me, and a new stamp maker to me too. I had a lot of fun making it, and am looking forward to … More Retail Therapy

Forest Friends

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will have already seen a sneak peek of this card. I did most of the colouring during my break at work, but then ended up getting delayed finishing it once I was home. Hence the glare and subpar lighting in the final photographs… Also I’m not sure … More Forest Friends

Subtle Leaves

This is one of those cards that I got the idea for and then spent a while mulling over until I had the opportunity to work on it. I quite like when the creation process goes like that, especially when it works out how I’d intended, which this one more or less did. There was … More Subtle Leaves