Bright and Beautiful

Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Vibrant  The photo challenge prompt this time around is vibrant. My first thought was that it would be a difficult prompt, considering how un-vibrant Finland is in the winter. (I suppose the Northern Lights could be considered vibrant, but I’ve yet to properly see them!) I was discussing the prompt … More Bright and Beautiful

A to Z

Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Alphabet    With this week’s prompt I couldn’t decide whether I’d rather take the opportunity to show off my new alphabet stamps (how convenient!), or do a series of 26 pictures to show the alphabet. In the end I decided to do both! Getting the series of letter pictures was … More A to Z


Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Weight(less)  This week’s photo challenge prompt is about showing the effects of gravity. When I first saw the prompt I thought it sounded interesting but I was also had no idea to respond to it. I spent a lot of time mulling it over and began playing with ideas. I … More Gravity