10 Cards 1 Release With Heffy Doodle Stamps (With Video)

I’ve been busy at work this weekend to get this special post ready for you. I recently backed a Kickstarter campaign from Heffy Doodle and when I received the stamp sets from the release I knew I wanted to challenge myself to make ten cards with them. I had a few ideas immediately and made … More 10 Cards 1 Release With Heffy Doodle Stamps (With Video)

Birthday Pirates

I enjoy making one layer cards but don’t actually do them all that often. (Although my last one was only a little over a week ago, which isn’t that long!) As I’ve been really enjoying colouring lately I decided to combine the two to make this sweet but simple scene card. I tried to keep … More Birthday Pirates

Ballerina Blue

I went to ballet classes as a child. From when I was about 2 years old until I was 10 or 11. I ended up stopping because we were approaching the level that we’d start learning pointe, and I’d heard horror stories about what that does to your feet… I didn’t want to do that! … More Ballerina Blue

Birthday Sheep

I haven’t shared any cards for a few days. There’s really no excuse – I still have several cards from the SFL card kit to share with you. Plus given that I recently injured my foot and am having some trouble walking, card making and blogging are ideal activities to help me pass the time! Like … More Birthday Sheep

Birthday Starfish

Yesterday I made a red, white and blue Christmas card. After I made it I was discussing with my husband about how I sometimes struggle with that colour scheme. I’m not sure why – I just tend to have a bit of a block with it. Which makes my choice of colour scheme for today’s … More Birthday Starfish