Lego Star Wars Birthday Card

Lego Star Wars Birthday CardGiven that today is Star Wars day I figured it’s a good time to finally share the card I made for my husband’s birthday. I first saw this card (or a very similar one) over on Pinterest, from Chlo’s Craft Closet. When I saw it I knew I had to have a go at making it.

First I hunted down some silhouettes for the figures. Then I adjusted them to the size I wanted and printed them out. I actually printed a few extra copies in case I messed up. In the end I didn’t need the extras.

Having printed the silhouettes I stuck them each onto appropriately coloured card – green for Yoda, white for the Stormtrooper, and black for Vader. Then I fussy cut each silhouette which was a very time-consuming process. I nearly gave up once or twice because it was so fiddly, but it was worth it in the end!

Next I cut the mirrored cardboard to size. I did this by laying the card base against it and using that as the template to mark the size. Then I used my rotary paper-cutter to cut it out. Then I cut the patterned black paper to be just smaller than the mirrored cardboard.

Lego Star Wars Birthday Card 2I worked out the size for the backing cardboard behind each figure. To do this I measured the black paper and subtracted the margins I wanted. With the size worked out I cut three rectangles. Using the same size I typed and printed the wording for the final panel. I found the font online because I wanted to use the ‘proper’ Star Wars font. Of course any font could work. I stuck the printed wording onto a piece of white card for added strength.

Then it was just a case of assembly. Positioning was pretty difficult. I have improved somewhat since I made this (back in January!) but it’s still something I struggle with. The margins here aren’t as neat as I would have liked, but it looks okay. I used dimensionals to attach the figures to give them a bit of volume.

Lego Star Wars Birthday Card 3I’m so happy with how this card turned out. I think if I were to do it again now I would make some minor changes, but for the most part I think it worked out very well. Husband liked it, and Sampson seemed to too!


Lady Joyful


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