Ombre Thanks

Pink is not a colour I usually turn to. I don’t dislike it, but it’s not on my list of favourite colours either. Purple is one of my favourite colours though, which may be why I ended up choosing pink shades that are more on the purple end of the spectrum for this fun and … More Ombre Thanks

Inlaid Sheep Scene

I enjoy making scene cards. Often when I make them they have a fair bit of dimension to them, as the different layers are popped up on top of each other. Today I took a different approach. Despite the appearance of dimension this card is completely flat, all thanks to the inlay die cutting technique.

Candy Canes

As I sat down to write this I took a look at the blog and realised I haven’t made a Christmas card this month! Good thing I made this one today then – wouldn’t want you to feel like I’m slacking on my Christmas cards after all. It’s coming ever closer!

Kitty Garden

Living on the seventh floor of a block of flats means that we can’t have a garden. We have a balcony, which we – and the cats! – like, but no garden. If we did have a garden though I can imagine it would be full of cats! Though I’m not sure how our current … More Kitty Garden

Birthday Starfish

Yesterday I made a red, white and blue Christmas card. After I made it I was discussing with my husband about how I sometimes struggle with that colour scheme. I’m not sure why – I just tend to have a bit of a block with it. Which makes my choice of colour scheme for today’s … More Birthday Starfish