10 Cards 1 Release With Heffy Doodle Stamps (With Video)

I’ve been busy at work this weekend to get this special post ready for you. I recently backed a Kickstarter campaign from Heffy Doodle and when I received the stamp sets from the release I knew I wanted to challenge myself to make ten cards with them. I had a few ideas immediately and made … More 10 Cards 1 Release With Heffy Doodle Stamps (With Video)

Wobbles The Pig

Knowing that I would be finishing late from work today I started this card before leaving in the morning. I figured that way I might actually manage to get to bed on time. That was a bit optimistic of me! Once I started working on it after getting home I kept thinking of things I … More Wobbles The Pig

Pull Tab Cloud Card

Interactive cards are a lot of fun! It’s so satisfying to play with them after finishing creating. I’ve made a few types of interactive cards – mostly shakers but I’ve also done a slider as well as a spinner card. Today I had a go at another type of interactive card – a pull tab card!