Photo-A-Day: March 12th

March 12th 2016Today’s picture is a craft I did yesterday with one of the girls I nanny. It’s a very colourful fish, as you can see. (Husband called it ugly!)

It’s a really simple craft. First you need lots of strips of paper. Varying colours, patterns and textures makes it very fun for children. Girl is three years old, and capable of handing scissors so we worked together to cut the strips of paper into smaller pieces. As it turned out we had far more pieces that we needed, but Girl seemed to enjoy the process anyway, and it’s good practice for her.

Once the pieces were all cut up we put them into the plastic pot I use for bringing craft stuff to work (it’s like a big jam jar almost) and gave it a shake to mix the papers up. We covered the fish shape (which I’d already drawn onto blue card) with craft glue then poured the bits of paper over the top. After a little pushing around and pressing down to make sure everything was covered we turned the card over and gave it a shake to get any loose pieces off. (It’s a very similar process to applying glitter to projects.)

The final touch was to add a little googly eye.

Girl seemed to really enjoy the craft which was good! It can be quite difficult coming up with ideas of what to do sometimes…

Incidentally, I don’t think it’s super obvious but yes I did indeed paint over/blur where she’d written her name on the picture. If you noticed.


Lady Joyful


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