Photo-A-Day: July 4th

July 4th 2016Sometimes the subjects for these photos present themselves. This one did quite literally! I’d just been trying to work out what on earth I was going to do about the photo a day, when I looked up and spotted this little guy on the outside of the balcony glass. I knew I had to get a picture of him.

Taking a picture wasn’t the easiest procedure in the world though. He was quite high up on the glass, so I had to get our step stool and climb up to take the photo. At this point I discovered that our balcony floor is very uneven, making the stool wobble terribly! I called husband to come and hold it steady for me.

Then came the actual photo taking progress which was a pain in itself. The camera once again refused to focus. I tried macro, super macro and regular mode but zoomed in, and it kept focusing on the trees in the background. Nothing I tried made an ounce of difference. I ended up flicking through the settings trying to find something that worked, flipped over to full automatic, then back to where I’d started (macro mode) and… Suddenly it worked. Who knows why it decided to work then, but I wasn’t going to question it. I snapped a few pictures, made the dangerous descent, and was done.

In the heat of the moment I hadn’t noticed how creepy-cute he looks. Look at those eyes! And the legs!

He’s actually still on the glass now, several hours later. Judging by the look on his teeny tiny face he may be plotting to kill us in our sleep… Or he’s just sheltering from the rain. Your guess is as good as mine!


Lady Joyful


7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 4th

      1. Thankfully he’s on the outside of the glass! I don’t think the cats even noticed him… Sampson did get interested in a large bird that swooped past the glass earlier, and spent the next half hour sat on the table in the hopes it would come back… 😛

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